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Windows Calculator on Web

If you've been following Uno Platform, you'll know that the open-source Windows Calculator has already been ported to iOS, Android, and macOS. As an additional proof of multi-platform reach, they've now made it available to Web/WebAssembly.
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In this case, Uno Platform utilizes WASM to run XAML and C# in the browser. In addition to helping with UI aspects of the conversion, Uno Platform can help Web app performance by providing a choice of Interpreted Mode, Ahead-of-Time (AoT) or Profile-Guided AoT compilation.

If you're interested you can Read More about the porting process and the different challenges faced.


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Ben Halpern

This is a really neat hands-on example. Cool stuff!

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Diner Das

That writeup is great, what would you summarize as the most interesting part of this challenge is?