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Ben Halpern
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Why are you excited about WebAssembly?

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Steve Phillips

I'm excited about WebAssembly because it gives us something we have never had in the history of computer programming: the ability to program in whatever language we want, use libraries written in different languages (once compiled to Wasm), then build one version of an app that runs everywhere -- every desktop OS, every mobile device, every server, every browser.

And on top of all that, to have super-efficient sandboxing as well?!


If you want to give people just one article about WebAssembly that will give them a sense of what it makes possible, read harshal.sheth.io/2022/01/31/webass... .

On my own blog I have collected additional links to blog posts and talks, here: tryingtobeawesome.com/wasm/ .

Happy Wasming! :-D

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I can ship AI applications to the web easier.

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Diner Das

To me it's the first thing happening in web development that seems like a step change. Maybe it's early days, but I think the web becomes so much more powerful and consistent with this technology.

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Parker Waiters

I'm still a newbie, but I've never done anything so low level, and I've found it surprisingly approachable — for what it is.