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Ant Weiss
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WASM IL meetup group

Wanted to share two great recordings of the WASM IL (the Israeli WASM meetup group) sessions that were held 2 years ago.
We're planning to restart the group, so if you're in Israel and would like to speak - drop me a note!
In fact - even if you're not in Israel :)

Meetup #1:
From JavaScript to WebAssembly: Fast computing in your browser (and everywhere else?)
Shachar Langbeheim - Senior Software Engineer at Lightricks

Smart Network Filtering with Envoy, WebAssembly and Rust
Anton Weiss - Otomato

Meetup #2:

Alon Zakai - WebAssembly and the Elusive Universal Binary

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Aryan Kaushik

It's great watching the growth of Wasm as a community.