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EEConf: Looking for Wasm presenters!

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Hello! I help organize events for EEConf (https://www.eeconf.com) and am currently looking for a speaker for our Virtual Spring Conference (May 10th) to present on Wasm and web dev. Particularly around website development. Our events are mainly for the ExpressionEngine community, though we have lots of attendees from outside the community as well. So think about using Wasm when building large enterprise websites and e-commerce sites.

Never heard of ExpressionEngine? No worries, we're always looking for people outside the community to share their experiences and wisdom. Laravel, TWIG, Headless, PWA, Rust, Wasm, AI, Voice Search, and more. All web dev related topics are welcome!

The deadline for submitting presentations is March 15th!
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or submit your presentation at

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