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Wasm Day Europe 2022

The WebAssembly community attended Wasm Day at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe, in Valencia, Spain.

The event started off with a keynote from Bailey Hayes, who offered an overview of the Wasm landscape and where it's heading. Several talks highlighted the progress in WebAssembly support by many programming languages: Steve Sanderson, Michael Yuan, Saul Cabrera, and Ron Evans talked about .NET, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and Go. A common theme was the need for WASI to evolve. WASI is the WebAssembly System Interface, and is key to pushing WebAssembly beyond the browser - from the Cloud to the Edge. One particular area that needs attention is WASI networking, which was the main topic covered by Nathaniel McCallum.

Other talks covered WebAssembly use for IoT (Ron Evans), Games (Alan, Poon Yong Quan), Streaming (Sehyo Chang), Edge Computing (Colin Murphy), Envoy (Le Yao), Kubernetes (Flavio Castelli and Rafael Fernández López), and Content Management Systems (Matt Butcher and Radu Matei), demonstrating that WebAssembly not only has a bright future on the client-side, but a huge potential on the server-side as well.

Closing remarks was done by Bernard Kolobara and attendees also celebrated the 5th Anniversary of WebAssembly, with cupcakes and refreshments.

WebAssembly's 5th Anniversary

The Program Committee was formed by Matt Butcher, Taylor Dolezal, Divya Mohan, and Liam Randall. The event sponsors were Microsoft (represented by Ralph Squillace), Suborbital (represented by Connor Hicks), and Profian (represented by Mike Bursell).

The YouTube video playlist is available at:


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