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Cryptle: a secure multi-player Wordle clone with Enarx

The Enarx project has created an open source clone of Wordle called Cryptle, available at:


The goal of Cryptle is to demonstrate data encryption in use, where the processing of the data is done in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), and only accessible to the Cryptle application.

There are three ways to play Cryptle: Single Player, Multi Player, and Hack Challenge.

Single Player is similar to Wordle. A player has to guess a five-letter secret word (selected by the application), with yellow/green colored titles shown as hints in each round, indicating letters that match with the secret word.

In the Multi Player mode, the secret word is not selected by the application itself, but instead is (or rather are) suggested by the players themselves. Each player proposes words that are most likely to match those sent by others. The words are sent to the Cryptle application running in an Enarx Keep (a specific TEE instance) and are only revealed to the players when there’s a match between the secret words.

The Hack Challenge provides a more elaborate way to engage with the game: players may write an open source application to run on the host side with root privileges. The goal remains the same: to guess the secret words.

The Cryptle game was created using Rust on the server-side and JavaScript on the client-side. It can either be run on wasmtime (non-secure) or on Enarx (secure).

To learn more about the Cryptle Hack Challenge, please visit:


Cryptle Hack Challenge

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