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CN Wasm Day NA Videos

We are happy to announce that the CNCF Cloud Native Wasm Day NA videos are now available on YouTube!

Coinciding with Kubecon NA 2022 in Detroit, Michigan, Cloud Native Wasm Day happened last week, on Monday, October 24, 2022.

A range of topics and technologies from across the WebAssembly spectrum were part of the schedule, including:

  • Updates from the Python, Java, and .NET communities and support for Wasm/WASI;
  • Wasm Components;
  • Sig-Registries and Package Management;
  • Docker integration;
  • Database integration;
  • Apache integration;
  • and much more!

As an open and portable technology, WebAssembly is being applied and designed in numerous independent domains such as the edge or as a web browser-specific technology. The emergence and adoption of WebAssembly as a cloud-native platform, embedded into applications, and as cloud-native applications demonstrate the power and possibility of Cloud Native technologies and WebAssembly to be Better Together.

Chairs: Liam Randall
Co-Chairs: Divya Mohan

Matt Butcher
Taylor Dolezal
Nick Vidal
Ralph Squillace

We look forward to seeing you in the next Wasm Day!

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