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Celebrating WebAssembly's 5th Anniversary

WebAssembly is celebrating its 5th Anniversary this year. It was born as a merge between two separate efforts: Native Client (from Google) and asm.js (from Mozilla). In June 2015, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft, and the WebKit project announced WebAssembly.

In February/March 2017, after two years under development, the WebAssembly Community Group made its first MVP release; and by November 2017, WebAssembly had gained support in "all major browsers," including mobile web browsers for iOS and Android.

Another two years later, and WASI (WebAssembly System Interface) was announced in March 2019. WASI is key to pushing WebAssembly beyond the browser - from the Cloud to the Edge. The Bytecode Alliance was founded in November 2019 with the mission to forge WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser future.

To learn more about the history of WebAssembly, please visit wasm5.org. Also we invite the community to add more milestones to the GitHub repository.

Wasm 5th Anniversary

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