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WebAssembly Meetup in MontainView SF on Nov 9

Come meet the senior devs with Docker, Dapr, TikTok and WasmEdge

Wasm (WebAssembly) is the hottest new “container” runtime in the cloud-native world. It runs a wide variety of applications, including complete mini-applications that have their own HTTP servers, web service clients, and database backends (e.g., MySQL).

In the recent KubeCon (Oct 2022), Docker announced its support for building and running Wasm containers, based on the WasmEdge Runtime, side-by-side with Linux containers in Docker Desktop and Docker CLI tools. Other cloud leaders, including Microsoft, Cloudflare, Fastly, VMWare, and ByteDance, as well as startups such as Second State, Tetrate, Fermyon, Suborbital, and Cosmonic are also pursuing Wasm strategies. An especially interesting use case for Wasm is to isolate and run lightweight applications that require frequent scaling up and down. In other words, it is well suited for microservices, especially on the edge cloud and as serverless functions.
Is Wasm a revolutionary new technology that will take over the world? Or is it just another fad?

Come to this meetup to find out! Enjoy free pizza and beverages while engaging leading experts from Docker, ByteDance, Dapr, and WasmEdge. We will discuss development frameworks, tooling, and scalability of Wasm microservices.


6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Pizza and networking

6:30 PM - 6:55 PM Secure and lightweight microservices in Wasm - Michael Yuan, Creator of WasmEdge (20 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A)

6:55 PM - 7:20 PM Tooling for microservices: Docker + Wasm technical preview - Michael Irwin, Engineering Manager at Docker (20 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A)

7:20 PM - 7:45 PM How the Dapr API helps you build better microservices in Wasm - Yaron Schneider, co-founder of Dapr (20 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A)

7:45 pm - 8:10 pm How TikTok scaled Microservices – Wei Xu, Head of Compute Infra at ByteDance (20 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for Q&A)

8:10 PM - 9:00 PM Networking

See you all there!

RSVP to this first in person event of SF Cloud Native- WebAssembly community since the pandemic. Can't wait to see you there :)

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