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Bytecode Alliance WebAssembly: An Updated Roadmap for Developers

The WebAssembly (Wasm) ecosystem is transforming. Developers can look forward to a modular, virtualizable, and robust environment for building applications, libraries, and services.

We are excited to be working towards this with implementations for WASI-Preview 2. This roadmap reflects changes occurring in standards within the WebAssembly Community Group (CG) and the WASI Subgroup within the W3C. This includes WebAssembly Core, WebAssembly Component Model, WASI (WebAssembly System Interface), and a number of WASI-based interfaces. This is a big update, and we are excited about the new capabilities on the way.

We have pulled together a distilled version of the roadmap, highlighting the ongoing developments and the new features expected to roll out soon. For a more detailed presentation, please check out the July 2023 WebAssembly Roadmap overview with Bailey Hayes on the Bytecode Alliance YouTube page. There is a lot of detail in the video, and for best results, please try and watch the video in 4k if possible.

Check out the blog post and youtube video for more!

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