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Welcome to Wasm Builders!

Connor Hicks on December 02, 2021

Hello and welcome! We're glad you've stumbled onto our little Wasm-loving corner of the internet. Wasm Builders is a space for anyone interested i...
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elvis kahoro


I work at warp.dev, we're building a blazingly fast, Rust-based GPU-accelerated terminal! One of our goals is to build a web version using WASM, and also Linux, Windows. Joining this community to learn more about WASM!

Excited to be here!

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Connor Hicks

Very exciting :D

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Nick Taylor

Hey friends! Happy to be here!

Captain America saluting

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Dan Mihai Dumitriu

Hi all!

At Midokura (Sony Group) we are using Wasm to isolate workloads on embedded devices, most of which don't have MMUs to support virtual memory. We are also developing a programming model for sensor data processing based on Wasm modules.

Excited to be on this journey!

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Connor Hicks

That’s awesome! Would love to read more about your work :)

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Jeff Lindsay

It'll be fun to share my WASM experiments here. First post or series in mind will cover my recent proof of concept making the Tractor web runtime in Go work as a backend that can be run on a server or in the browser as WASM with no changes. Isomorphic JavaScript, eat your heart out.

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João De Macedo

Hi there!

I had a bug after confirming the email while creating my account. It was after the step of following some hashtags, more specifically, in the step of adding my bio. Maybe it was because my bio was too long, but no flag was dropped. To get around that bug, I went directly to the main page and edited my bio in my profile.

Anyway, excited to be here!

PS: I hear about this community in Fermyon Blog

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Philip Smith

Hey everyone. My WASM experience is mostly with AssemblyScript to date and I'm here cos I can see the possibilities.

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Sendil Kumar

Excited and happy to be here! Hey folks!

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Harsh Rathod

Glad to be here! 😇

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Angel M

Hello hello!

At VMware we are exploring WASM and I’ll start working on it soon 😄.

Super excited to join the community!

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Florian Fromm

Wow another cool wasm community :) Great idea!

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Hello everyone!

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Karan Gandhi

Hello guys,. I am mildly fascinated by WASM. Happy to join the gang !

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Connor Hicks

We’re happy you’re here!

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Diner Das

Great to be here!

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Mamoor Jaan Khan

Yo. Stumbled across WASM through Ben from DEV, found it super cool!

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Laura Langdon

We're so glad you're here!

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Nick Washburn

Thanks for establishing this and great to be here. Looking forward to learning.

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Waldemar Enns

Hello there! Happy to be here :)

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SpandyBoss • Edited

Hello Everyone nice to see you all
My account on dev.to :- dev.to/spandyboss

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Sithum Bopitiya

Nice to see you all rock together

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Serhii Shyran

Hi 5 2 all !

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Dallas Goldswain

Hi All, I am interested in finding out more about WASM and its uses I can potentially offer to clients.

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eager to learn all-things-WASM here

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Hi! This is cool :)

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Hoon Wee

I am happy to be here!

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Gennaro Schiano

Hey!!! Happy to be here on the futurewebzzz!!

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Esad Hasanbegovic



Already looking forward to read some interesting uses of wasm here.

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Shinya Yanagihara

Hi all,
Excited to find and join this community today. Just started Wasm and Rust recently. So I want to learn a lot from here, and hope to share lots here.

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Keith Waters

Hi all! Excited to learn more about WASM. :)

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Ben Halpern

Excited to see it coming together!

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Tony Kay

Automation Lead in a very busy Cloud team at Red Hat (Ansible, Containers, and OpenShift). Ex C developer (boy did I leak memory), ex-Sun. Really excited about the potential of WASM, and learning Rust and Grain as a result. IMHO this is the most exciting technology to emerge since Containers. Will soon my blog my WASM journey here cloudassembler.com/

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Domenic Ravita

Hello everyone. I heard about this community from @cohix's Twitter Space today and am excited to join you all here. SingleStore is the cloud-native database built for speed, scale and data-intensive applications. It is a distributed relational database which unifies transactional and analytical processing, unifies multi-tier storage, and unifies data models. The company is a member of the Bytecode Alliance and our team is building new database capabilities with WASM.

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Connor Hicks

Nice! Excited that you’re here :)

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Param Siddharth

Hello world! I am Param Siddharth from India, a software developer (currently pursuing my bachelor degree) and music producer (I'm on Spotify too!). I'm currently working at Howdy (joinhowdy.com), a startup that provides a conference platform for online courses worldwide.

I'm a big fan of WASM and built a couple of tiny projects in it myself. Besides WASM, I'm known for developing Rema (rema.js.org), a certificate generation, verification, and management system.

I'm so happy to be here. :) Looking forward to learning from everyone.

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Cabal paul

Hello Everyone, I am a developer by occupation, currently working on mobile app development company. We offer innovative mobile app development services with high-performing, secure, and scalable app solutions to help you maximize ROI.

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Strange • Edited

Hi everyone!

I'm a software engineer at Timart. I currently code in Node.js/React. I'm looking to learn rust and collaborate on OS projects ❤️.

And i'm definitely happy to be here!

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Aaron Surty

Thanks for starting this group! Does anyone have any nice resources on getting 'native' applications (ie/ interact's with the host OS filesystem or makes other c/c++ system calls) to work in a browser environment? In particular I am curious if there are any mature c/c++ libraries out there to provide glue of the filesystem to local storage and that I could make use of from a Rust or Go application?
For context - I tried getting Hugo to run in the browser and failed miserably because there were underlying c/c++ system calls that were not getting linked.

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Tadej Stanic

I like this initiative :) thx

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Connor Hicks

Hey! Thank you so much. We're excited you're here :)

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Md. Fahim Bin Amin

I am glad to be here!

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Philippe Charrière

👋 Hello 🎉

Happy to be here and to share my progress about my wasm journey (baby steps)

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Connor Hicks

Excited to have you here Philippe :)

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ihsan demir

Hello guys,

I like to learn how I can run wasm for data computation in our real-time data platform which is written in Java.

Hope to find a lot insights at here.

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Parker Waiters

Excited to be here!

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Hey everyone 👋

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Glad to be here! Hoping to make new friends

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Connor Hicks

We’re glad you’re here! Can’t wait for the community to grow and see lots of friendships :)

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Ryan D. Lewis

Hey everybody! Newbie here, been meaning to get into WASM for awhile, just happy to be along for the ride!

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Hi there 👋 This is a great place for developers and others with an interest in wasm.

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Hello everybody, hopefully this place on the web is as good as Dev.to!

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Winston Puckett

Hello! I joined because I'm really interested in creating my own programming language and using wasm as a compile target. Let's connect :)

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I don't know anything about WASM, i just want to get started and see if i have any potential here. Thank you!

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Re Alvarez Parmar

Hello 👋
Glad to be here.

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Nancy Bennetts

Hi guys 👋

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Steven Poitras

Great to be here, I believe WASM/WASI will be a huge part of the future, looking forward to working together to make that a reality!

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Nazmus Saqueeb Ashrafi

Thank you, glad to be a part of the community.

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Thanks for this platform.

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Dariusz Dwornikowski

Hi I am new to wasm world. Came here because strategically I think it might be the future runtime of the internet.

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Alessandro Candido


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Thanks , This is very impressive