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Doing basic operations using WebAssembly with C

At the beginning of any learning process you face a kind of adventure, when you learn a concept like WebAssembly you start a beautiful adventure.

Think like Indiana Jones discovering a new treasure, it's not easy but it's so fantastic. You will learn new tools, concepts and even meet some enthusiasts like you.

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First we start by trying to use simple commands, short algorithms and then you can do a little bit more.

I will show how I made my first steps with WebAssembly.

At first I created a file using C language, in this file I wrote code that has as an output a basic operation using " -, +, * and /". The dynamic is, you give the operation and then you can see the result.

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After saving my file, I opened my prompt to start the process of compiling.

  1. The first step is to use gcc command

  2. Second, you can use ./a.out to see your output.

  3. Then you will use the "wasicc" command like this:

wasicc YourFile.c -o YourFile.wasm

while executing this command, it might generate some warnings but you can ignore them.

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Executing it using WASM Runtime to see it as wasm

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This is the result! Cool, isn't?

Of course we fail sometimes, we face some problems, but I was helped by other adventurers. Luckily we are not Indiana Jones and if we failed we don't die in a cave full of poisonous snakes and beetles.

However, we can still enjoy our treasure...

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