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How Gojek Clone App Transforming the On-Demand Economy

The digital transformation is changing the way we think about the on-demand economy. Consumers will get instantaneous satisfaction from whatever service they need for a long time. The development of multi-service apps like Gojek has changed the way people think about technology. Businesses are now developing their own Gojek-like app to get into the growing demand for convenience and accessibility.

Understanding the Gojek business model

In 2010, Gojek started as a ride-hailing startup technology from Indonesia. Soon it evolved into a super app by offering various on-demand services. This app includes beauty services, transportation, healthcare, grocery services, and much more. By offering various services in a single app, businesses can achieve a large customer base and generate more revenue from various sources. The Gojek app can be customized based on geographical location and target audience. Investing in the app provides a scalable and customizable solution. The app became successful by offering a seamless user experience and satisfying customer needs through a single platform.

How Gojek is transforming on-demand business

The usage of applications is increasing with the technological advancements and increased use of mobile phones. The apps have made the daily tasks of customers and businesses simple and easy, so the demand for them has increased in huge numbers. With the increasing demand, the business has also started developing apps for the convenience of customers and businesses. Since competition is a changing market implementing a clone-app strategy can be a game changer.

Key features of the Gojek-like app

  • Gojek offers multi-service integration as the one-stop solution for various needs.
  • It has a seamless easy to navigate user interface for both the customer and the service provider.
  • This app has a real-time tracking GPS that allows tracking of service providers and deliveries.
  • Hassle-free payment option is available in the app for reliable and secure payments.
  • Feedback and review system allows the customers to review their service providers and helps maintain high-quality services.
  • The Gojek clone app can include promotional systems like discounts, loyalty programs, and rewards to retain customers.

How do you develop a Gojek-like clone app?

The app development has two types of processes. The first one is the clone app development and the next is the custom app development. By using different techniques and strategies it is possible to achieve success in this app development business. The process of developing these apps resembles the existing app and involves several steps. The only change in the clone app development is that the functionalities and features of the existing app will be rebuilt to meet the new business requirements. This process is called clone app development.


In the highly demanding business like super app development characteristics are essential to stand out from the competition. Providing tailored experience through clone apps is the key to reshaping the business. Apps like Gojek provide numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to capitalize on the on-demand services trend. To meet modern customers businesses should focus on user experience, integrating diverse services, and leveraging technology.

Choosing the right developer like UnicoDel will help you customize your app based on business needs for a smooth transition. As these developers have dealt with many ideas they can address all the needs and requirements based on different customers.

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